Abstract Submission and Management

Welcome to the online abstract submission site for IPEG’s 29th Annual Congress for Endosurgery in Children in conjunction with the ESPES 10th Annual Congress for the European Society of Paediatric Endoscopic Surgeons taking place as part of the 1st Joint Congress of EUPSA & IPEG with ESPES
June 10-13, 2020
at the Austria Center Vienna
in Vienna, Austria

Friday, January 17, 2020, 5:00 PM PT

Although this is a Joint Congress with EUPSA, IPEG and ESPES, abstracts may not be submitted to both the IPEG/ESPES Congress as well as the EUPSA Congress. You must either submit your abstract to the IPEG & ESPES Congress or submit your abstract to the EUPSA Congress.

Important Notice: The following Abstract Submission Policies will be firmly enforced:

  • No Previously Published Submissions: The abstract submitted must present original work that has not and will not be published prior to the 2020 Joint IPEG & ESPES Meeting. Abstracts should only be submitted if they or their main content will not have been previously accepted for publication or will not have been previously published (paper or electronic).

  • Previously Presented Submissions: The abstract submitted should not be presented at a national or international meeting prior to the commencement of the Joint IPEG & ESPES Meeting. Presentation at one of the following means that abstracts should not be submitted: BAPS, AAP, APSA, EUPSA, CAPS, PAPS, ISPR, AAPS, SAGES, WOFAPS. If the abstract has been presented at a meeting other than those listed (e.g. a meeting of another specialty), this MUST be declared during the abstract submission process so that the committee can make a decision.

  • Previously Presented Data: All abstracts must be new and original content OR include at least 50% new data if previously presented at a meeting.

  • No reference to the authors or the institution should appear within the body of the abstract or in the abstract title.

  • There is no limit to the number of abstracts you may submit, but you may not submit a video abstract and a written abstract on the same study/data set. You must select either a written abstract submission or a video abstract submission.

  • ETHICAL: It is expected that the results section of the abstract represents original data by the authors, or a clearly stated systematic review/meta-analysis of the literature. IPEG & ESPES considers plagiarism to be a serious breach of professional standards and authors found to have plagiarized the work of others can expect a ban and a report to their employing organization.

  • Written Abstract Submissions

    • The word limit for written abstract submissions is 500-words.

    • A maximum of one (1) Image may be included in the written abstract. Images must be no larger than 1MB in file size, and the image may be no larger than 900 pixels wide by 900 pixels high.

    • Tables may be included in the abstract submission but will go against the abstract's 500-word limit.

    • Videos may not be submitted with a written abstract

    Video Abstract Submissions

    • The Maximum length for submitted videos is Five (5) Minutes. IPEG & ESPES is not accepting 3D Video submissions. If your video is accepted for presentation at the 2020 Joint IPEG & ESPES Meeting, you will be required to bring a final copy of your video with you to the meeting.

    • If your video is accepted for presentation at the 2020 Joint IPEG & ESPES Meeting, you may be asked to edit your video to fit a shorter presentation time limit.

    • A short (150-word maximum) written description of your video should be included when submitting your video abstract. Images and tables should not be included when submitting a video abstract.

    • Video files should be no larger than 1GB

NOTE: IPEG's CME Committee declares that no employees of a commercial interest may present in IPEG CME accredited activities when the topic is relevant unless in compliance with the ACCME's policy and approved by the IPEG CME Committee.

Please visit the following web page for other rules, guidelines, instructions and the IPEG'S Policy on Employees of Commercial Interests:


If you are uploading a video, use the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE 11 or above.

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