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Welcome to the online abstract submission site for
SAGES 2025 Annual Meeting.
March 12-15, 2025
in Long Beach, CA, USA

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2024, 11:59 PM PDT

Important Notice: The following Submission Policies will be firmly enforced:

  • Previously Presented Abstracts/Videos: No abstracts/videos may be submitted that have been previously presented at a regional (Central Surgical, Southwest Surgical, etc.), national, or international meeting. Abstracts/Videos that have been presented locally (state ACS chapter meeting, institutional or departmental research day for example) will be considered. If the abstract/video has been previously presented locally, where and when it was presented must be disclosed during the abstract/video submission process.

  • No Previously Published Submissions/No Submissions Under Consideration For Publication: The abstract/video submitted must present original work that has not and will not be published or presented prior to the 2025 SAGES Annual Meeting, and is not currently under review for publication. The exception to this rule is that a manuscript may be submitted to Surgical Endoscopy for special meeting related consideration only after the abstract/video has been accepted by SAGES for presentation. Manuscripts may not be submitted to any journals for consideration until after SAGES abstract/video acceptance notification, and if the abstract/video is selected for Oral Presentation, the Presenter is required to submit a complete manuscript to Surgical Endoscopy. If the manuscript has been submitted to any journal prior to SAGES abstract/video acceptance notifications, or if the manuscript is not submitted to Surgical Endoscopy as part of a Oral Presentation, the Abstract Submitter, Presenter and Senior Author will forfeit the privilege to submit, present, or be listed as an author on abstracts/videos for the 2026 and 2027 SAGES Annual Meetings. Abstracts/Videos selected for Oral presentation may not be moved to other forms of presentation to bypass the required submission of a manuscript to Surgical Endoscopy.

  • No Dual Submissions: The abstract/video must not be submitted to any other upcoming regional, national, or international meeting.

  • No Previously Presented Data: All abstracts/videos must be new and original content OR include at least 50% new data if previously presented at a meeting (unless presented locally as described above).

  • SAGES recognizes the use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) as a powerful tool for educators and researchers and encourages its responsible and ethical use. If any form of generative AI is utilized for this abstract/presentation it must be clearly acknowledged in the appropriate section(s). It is expected that authors will review any AI-generated copy, figures, images, citations, or statements for accuracy and edit accordingly. Presenting inaccurate information generated by AI will result in disqualification and review for disciplinary action.

  • There is no limit to the number of abstracts/videos you may submit, but you may not submit a video abstract and a written abstract on the same study/data set. You must select either a written abstract submission or a video abstract submission.

  • Manuscript Submission: Accepted Oral Abstract Presenters must submit a complete manuscript to Surgical Endoscopy.

    Written Abstract Submissions

  • The word limit for written abstract submissions is 400-words (not including title and authors).

  • Images are allowed with abstract submissions. Images must be no larger than 1MB in file size, and no larger than 900 pixels wide by 900 pixels high.

  • Tables may be included in the abstract submission but will go against the abstract's 400-word limit.

  • Videos may not be submitted with a written abstract

  • Video Abstract Submissions

  • The Maximum length for submitted videos is Seven (7) Minutes. SAGES is not accepting 3D Video submissions. If your video is accepted for presentation at the 2025 SAGES meeting, you will be required to bring a final copy of your video with you to the meeting.

  • A short (100-word maximum) written description of your video should be included when submitting your video abstract.

  • Images and tables should not be included in the short written description when submitting a video abstract.

  • Videos must have narration in English. Without narration, it will not be considered.

  • Videos may not include advertisement or promotion of products.

  • Please DO NOT include any music in your video and DO NOT include any video clips or other materials/media copyrighted by any entity other than yourself

  • SAGES is not accepting 3D Video submissions.

  • SAGES may post accepted videos on the SAGES website, and reserves the right to remove the videos from the website at any time at SAGES discretion

NOTE:The SAGES Conflict of Interest Committee (CIC) declares that no employees/owners of an ineligible company may present in SAGES CME accredited sessions. This policy is applicable to abstract/video authors and presenters.

Please visit the following web page for other rules, guidelines, instructions and the SAGES Policy on Owner/Employees of Ineligible Companies:


If you are uploading a video, use the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Edge. Internet Explorer will not work!

ALL submitters MUST create a new account to submit an abstract/video. Accounts created in the past submission run will no longer work. (the link to create a new account is below the login box).

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